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Tower of the Sun - 1939 Golden Gate Exposition

Expo 2017: Central Asia's First World's Fair
Astana, Kazakhstan

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From the Eiffel Tower built for the Exposition Universal in 1889, to the environment today, World's Fairs have been a mirror of the times, and a place where mankind's hopes and visions for a better future are expressed.

They embody Love, Peace, Freedom and our Future.

Before the Internet and the communications of today, these events were huge and a place where people could go to learn of new technology.

1931 Paris ExpositionAbout Our Organization and World's Fairs

Since the first world's fair held in London in 1851, in a building called the Crystal Palace, these events have played an important role in society.

Also known as International Expositions, world expositions or expo's; such as Montreal's Expo '67, many inventions have been introduced to the public at these fairs. Movies, Television, the Ferris Wheel, Ice Cream Cones, Hot Dogs, Cotton Candy and the Picture Post Card are just a few of the things that were unveiled to the public at an International Exposition.

In addition world's fairs have offered hope of a better future by showing how things can be done differently. Examples are Shanghai's Expo 2010 that had the theme, "Better City, Better Life," and the 1939-1940 New York World's Fair which inspired people with its theme, "The World of Tomorrow."

The World's Fair Historical Society's goal is to preserve this fun and incredible London's Crystal Palace, 1851history. We also promote current and future world's fairs. Go to the tab on the top of this page marked "Mission," to see what our mission is as a nonprofit 501c3 organization.

Photo left: London's Crystal Palace, 1851

24 Collector's Postcards

Postcard 20 - Dupont at night

We are pleased to announce that in a cooperative effort between the World's Fair Historical Society and PM Photo (1939NYWorldsFair.com), we are offering images of the 1939-40 New York World's Fair in the form of Collector's Postcards.

These professionally produced Collector's Cards are made from the Kodachrome slides that were recently donated to the Society. All proceeds from the sale of the Collector's Cards on the Society's site remain with the World's Fair Historical Society and help support our 501(c)(3) organization.

Start your collection TODAY.