Donated Collections

Started in June 2012, this page is in recognition of people who have graciously donated items from Expos and World's Fairs to the Historical Society.

We will add some pages to the site to show some of the wonderful items that have been donated.

If you have made a contribution but are not listed here, we apologize. Drop us a note about your contribution and we'll be sure to add you to the page.

Thanks to your contribution we are able to share the memories of these fairs and Epos with everyone.


A few years ago, John Corson, a member in Shirleysburg, PA donated pictures of the Belgium Pavilion that was at the 1939 NY Fair as it looks on the Virginia Union University. Visit to see efforts to restore it. Some of these pictures are on our website.

Several years ago, Louis Brill, a member from San Francisco, CA and film expert donated four boxes of large format film files, much of the material on world's fairs and many items from Bob Rogers and Company which produces large format films for world's fairs and other venues. This included DVD's of the large format film shown at Expo 86 in British Columbia, Canada.

Some Others Who Have Donated

Robert Bordonaro, of Bronxville, NY, $ 10.00

Frank Morelli - $25.00
John Boone - $25.00
Michael's Toyota of Bellevue - $ 200.00
Greg White - Plate from 1964 NY World's Fair
Thomas Dixon - items from Expo 2012

June 2012
Andrew Kaufman, a member from Pointe Vedra Beach, Florida, just donated ephemera from Expo 67, including Newspaper articles, booklets, and other materials. He runs

May 2012
The WFHS became the recipient recently of a wonderful collection from Ellen R. Rossen in memory of her father, Howard Rossen and we are very grateful for it. It includes a lot of items from the Seattle 1962 world's fair plus items from other fairs. A lot of glassware and china and it is a real plus for our collection. View some of the items from the Rossen collection.

Harry LudwigMarch 2012

Joyce Ludwig, of Landover Hills, MD, donated 1,200 Kodachrome slides from the 1939 and 1964 NY World's Fairs. These photos were taken by her father, Mr. Harry Ludwig (photo right).

Many of the images from the 1939 World's Fair can be seen on the 1939 New York World's Fair Web site